Monday, 28 May 2012

Weekend Break

Just had a really lovely weekend break, - nowhere fancy - at home, out&about, picnics in the park, exploring round Sarehole Mill (again - it's a family favourite), mooching about the house hunting down the cool spots. But it was more than that - it was a break away from work, and I needed it and at a guess, I reckon we all did.
 I work at weekends because I don't have much time during the week - but this weekend showed me again how much fun we all have together when we're just chilling out and I have missed it - a lot. I need to make sure this happens more regularly, although not necessarily with wellies on in the hottest part of the day!

So it's time to streamline - the ranges and the processes. My work is becoming more popular, which is fantastic so I need to spend more time printmaking, developing the ranges and less time on some other aspects of the process - it's called out-sourcing or some other such horrible management speak term. I'll let you know, but am talking book-binders, nothing sinister (a nicer bunch would be hard to find lol). Talks are underway, but it's still at the cauldron stage. No magic answer yet, but at least I know it's in the air.

Also trying to get some more general album shots together for work marketing - 'feel' photos I suppose, and this one is just the start:

Now I must get back to making up Jubilee Bunting - not for sale, this is for us...the children have been potato-printing red white and blue and now it's time for the string and glue! Big family party this weekend and some time away together...we need the jubilee jazz to be in place before we go or they will never forgive me after all their effort!

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