Saturday, 5 May 2012

City of the World - International Woodcut Project

Fantastic day for deliveries - flowers (always a lovely surprise) and my set of original woodcut prints as part of my participation in an amazing international venture - suggested, co-ordinated and brought to fruition by the indomitable Maria Arango Diener. I am so grateful to her for this opportunity - 112 printmakers from around the world joined in to help create a wonderful (and huge) piece of work. I think an exhibition is planned, a tour and a book - I'll update when I know more!

Here is the final eye-catching image and the blog that follows the whole story:
 And here's a pic of how my little corner of the city looks (mine's the one with the man and birds on the wire), next to the overall image with key. There are 5 sheets in total, and it is going to take a very very big space of wall to display it (not to mention a 10' length of perspex+frame!!!):
Please take a look at Maria's blog - it was a print marathon for all involved at the co-ordination, assembly and press end of the project!


  1. That is STUNNING! well done to all involved...

  2. Thank you Dawn - it is amazing how much energy Maria must have. Well worth it - but I hope she's having a rest now!