Thursday, 17 May 2012

Folksy Friday - Jubilee Joy

My little boy is getting very excited about the upcoming Jubilee and after begging me for a (way too) expensive Jubilee set in the Post Office (posting off orders, yey) I felt bad for saying no, and looked out my old Jubilee coins from 1977. Cleaned up and sparkling, they made a great 'look what I brought into school' thing for him ....and he didn't lose them! Might have to check out the 2012 set again - you're only young once. We had the whole works in 1977 for the silver Jubilee, a decked-out street party and weather! I was young (very young obviously...) and it was special. Here are some special Jubilee favourites from Folksy:
Flourish Prints and Cards £15
CraftsCouncil £2.99
HelkatDesign £42
Jack and Bills £10
Josie-Mary £6


  1. Thank you very much for including my glass hearts in your lovely blog.

    Joy xx

  2. Very nice selection, my favourite is JoysofGlass', however all pieces are brilliant! x

  3. You have reminded me to also dig out my old 1977 coins!

  4. Thank you for showing my pin cushion :)

  5. Thanks for including my Union Jack pocket mirror :)

  6. It was a delight to put together - I love browsing through Folksy and this was a fun trip.