Friday, 4 May 2012

AA, AAA, anysort of A

Batteries.  Never thought I'd be discussing these at any stage on my blog, let alone after just one or two posts!?  It's not been long enough to display my batteries, it's wrong, just wrong. But then I'm that kind of girl and I want to know how others cope with theirs. Who's winning, us or them?  I have rechargeables but they don't. Or won't - I have my suspicions.

Anyway, am sick of spending umpteen minutes teasing the little wotsits into a hiccup of activity only to see red again before the camera sighs and dies on me. So no new pics until I give in and go and buy some of those brazen use-me-and-abuse-me-then-throw-me-away-ones from the high street.

Still, here's an old friend, caught on camera before the hiccup-parade. This Crow design has been attracting interest so I thought I'd give the birds a chance to show-off here. I just love bad-boy birds and have lots more planned. Wish we had jackdaws around here, but it's just not that sort of area. Sniff.

Folksy Friday later. After school pick-up probably, oh and it's Ice-Cream Friday so it'll have to be after the 99's too.

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