Thursday, 23 August 2012

How to get to Kettering...

Whoops, almost a full month since I last had a chance to catch my breath over a cuppa - it's not right is it, a woman needs tea, and breath for that matter.

So here I am and the holidays have been great - I should have posted about the Peak District  - completely fabulous and kind enough to let me pretend to myself that I'm a walker, not a born walker, but I too can stride and long as I take it easy on the left knee. My son even let me borrow his much prized thumbstick - think I may have led those around me to believe that I was carrying it for him, but in truth, I liked having summat to lean on!

The days pootle on and we have had fun making circus puppets, creating chalk towns in the garden and generally chilling out together. I have a sense of looming change as the summer mooches towards autumn and have been trying to line up some work plans - it's not as much fun as chalking sandcastles onto an urban patio-beach, but exciting nonetheless.

I am streamlining processes over the next few months, developing the larger journal ranges and introducing a new chunkier notebook as I get the bookbinders more involved. I have also been on the look-out for venues and am happy to say that I should have the Christmas dates soon (don't, I know, it's the 25th, thanks).

In the meantime, I have been back in touch with the Anns of Pennine Fairs and will be exhibiting in the Boughton House Craft and Design Fair this bank holiday weekend - I'll be there on Sunday. It runs from 10 til 5 and promises to be the sunniest of the weekend opportunities so if you're in the Kettering, Geddington area then it would be lovely to meet you....

So then, how best to get to Kettering, right I'm off to google that one.