Thursday, 27 September 2012

Lino-Love Folksy Friday

I just couldn't help myself, and I'm not about to apologise. I have been indulging in a little bit of Lino-Love over a cuppa. Could do this all day but that would be naughty, and I don't like everyone to know just how naughty I am. Go on, a little of what you fancy does you good and who am I to argue with such an old adage.

James Green Printworks
Helen Maxfield Printmaking

Amanda Colville Linocut Prints

Stuart Brocklehurst - Printmaker

Lovely. All lovely. Thank you xxx

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Goblingate and the swallows

Ok, so time is limited and when I head up to the studio for a printing session I have a target in mind and it makes me all grobbly and cross when I don't make it. My last session was like that and I blamed it on the goblins (in clogs no less) stomping about in the attic. In truth it's probably got a lot more to do with the cooler temperatures affecting the inks than with studio goblins. I suppose. Hrmpf.

Anyway here is a snapshot of what I was up to - there will be lots more of these and they are destined for journals. The swallows themselves are also taking their place in a multi-block limited edition print, but more of that later.

Don't dismiss the notion of studio goblins though - they are real. Oh yes, and mine wear clogs just to make sure I can hear them dancing in their own delight. X

Monday, 17 September 2012

When all the world is still and quiet...

..the pigs come out to fly at night.  Oh yes, I'm having none of this and pigs might fly nonsense. You just need to be a nightowl to know it's true. I have just done this little swine for some fun - I always feel with characters like these that they could be part of some wild and daring adventures. One of these days (or nights in this case) I shall sit down and get the whole story from them, chapter by chapter, to pass on to you...magic carpets, lost arks, cave dwellers and all.

He's not in Folksy yet (or Etsy - oh yes, I've been busy, but more of that in more posts soon - promise) but will be soon. Remember to look up next time you're out late. X