Monday, 17 September 2012

When all the world is still and quiet...

..the pigs come out to fly at night.  Oh yes, I'm having none of this and pigs might fly nonsense. You just need to be a nightowl to know it's true. I have just done this little swine for some fun - I always feel with characters like these that they could be part of some wild and daring adventures. One of these days (or nights in this case) I shall sit down and get the whole story from them, chapter by chapter, to pass on to you...magic carpets, lost arks, cave dwellers and all.

He's not in Folksy yet (or Etsy - oh yes, I've been busy, but more of that in more posts soon - promise) but will be soon. Remember to look up next time you're out late. X


  1. I'm loving the piggy and his goggles!
    I hope you get the full story soon, maybe we can get it in installments?

  2. Thanks - hehe, not sure they will ever divulge the whole story but perhaps a few antics here and there. X