Sunday, 17 November 2013

Linotype and Bagpuss

I shared this wonderful video over on my Facebook page where I am often as not found wittering on about linocuts, coffee and art to lust over, though not necessarily in that order as I notice the slice of life coffee now takes in my everyday existence.  : How beautiful books were made in the 19th Century. (VIDEO)

Over this morning's cuppa I decided it was so full of magic that I needed to keep it safe and on display for any visitor to see. I hope you watch it. You don't even need to be a print-mouse in disguise, though a love of all things printed will guarantee a smile.

To me, it's special and I'd love to be that print-mouse in a mouse-run workshop full of other inky mice and this amazingly wondrous machine - the Linotype. Ahhh. Where the tick-tock of the clock drives me insane, I swear I could sleep to the whirrs and clicks of this beautiful creature.

It is indeed A Marvellous Mechanical Mouse Machine...and obviously, the  workshop cat would be called Bagpuss.

Tuesday, 5 November 2013

From idea to product. One golden tip.

General musings prompted by a number of very well-meaning requests for info on how I go about making my journals, sourcing materials etc.

These enquiries have taken me right back to how it felt when I first had the idea that I wanted to handprint journal covers too. It can all feel a bit overwhelming - where what when how? You know you want to do it but HOW?!

Apart from the obvious tips about making lists, breaking the task down into achievable goals etc I have one golden tip that I want to share and it's this: pick up the phone.

We all rely on the internet so much these days and feel certain that any question we have can surely be answered by a search on google. I do it myself. Until I get frustated that is. Then I start making phone calls and these are so much more really my tip is all about concentrated chat.

So for example you want to set up a stationery range then you will want to source papermills and speak to them - they're so friendly, usually small businesses (relatively speaking) and offer the personal touch. They can help you create your dream. What else - well you might need binders - again, ring them up, a lot are family run businesses and will remember your name. Don't be shy of sharing your real budget because then you can have a real conversation.

But it's there - in the conversation - that you will find the answers to your creative frustrations. You may even find that you can improve on your initial idea - I did and have plans for the future based around a relationship I have built up with my suppliers. They get involved, come up with ideas and we chat about them, go away and think then chat some more. I love it and am so glad that I still prefer the phone....sacrilege putting that into words on a blog but it's the truth. ;) 

Pick up the phone - it's good to talk. And good luck with my warmest wishes.