Friday, 11 May 2012

A little bit retro

I've got that Friday feeling, but am not reaching for a lovely honeycomb chocolate bar (sigh), no the threat of sunshine has had me thinking about spring and summer dresses - for me and for my little girl. Now, if I'm honest I don't think I could get away with all of these, but a girl can daydream. My furiously feisty beautiful girl however, she can pull anything off (and probably will, she's 2!)

A selection of lovelies from Folksy:

Wild Things - Funky Little Dresses £30

Susie's Wardrobe £110
Pink Caterpillar £22
ModeAlisa £40
With Hugs and Kisses £23.99
Grandma Chic £60

Fruit salad for lunch - warm weather is on its way, at least for a couple of days : P.


  1. Lovely collection, really love the dress from Susie's Wardrobe, it's gorgeous! Thanks for sharing!

    Stef x

  2. I love it too - there's another one that is gorgeous too. Worth a look. Have a dressy weekend - I spend too much time in jeans. x