Friday, 1 June 2012

List Bliss - Folksy Friday

I have been a mad monkey recently, spinning round trying to get ideas out of the sky and back on the ground before they disappear on a cloud.

To do this, I write lists and I jot them down wherever I'm standing, so I have notebooks in every room, smuggled into every bag, lurking in drawers and generally making a lovely nuisance of themselves....if only they could always keep a pencil by their sides, but am afraid the children see these as fair game and I have to hang onto pencils as if they were made of gold!

I'm lucky I guess - as a printmaker of notebooks I have an endless supply of my own  - all trials and proofs go into home circulation, waste not want not. All this list making helped this week's Folksy Friday find its own theme - I want to celebrate some of the other printmakers on Folksy - so this one's for my fellow listmakers and all those who love their paper to be pretty as well as practical.

Jacqui Dodds £8
Peony and Thistle £6
Lisa Durrant £15
Sarah Bays Original Prints £7
Bread and Jam £11.50
FinestImagery £4
Debbie Osborn Art Studio £18
Now then, where's that pencil I had earlier...?


  1. Ooo lovely stuff, really nice collection, thanks for including our birdies notebook, much obliged, Bread and Jam x

  2. Great choices. I should get a 'proper' notebook. I'm always using scraps of paper. Jo : )

  3. Thanks Fiona for featuring my work x

  4. Thank you for featuring my Snowdrop journal Fiona
    Jacqui xx