Sunday, 10 June 2012

Time to start saving up.

I've been very busy this weekend juggling my way through a schedule of competing printmaking tasks but it's been great to tick them off and make room for more work - in my studio as well as my head.

Apart from finishing a wedding commission set, I also printed my dala rocking horse linocut onto notebook covers - these are delicious in cherry red - moving onto gift/wedding favour boxes in rose, white, plum and cherry (more colours to come) - labels and bunting were not forgotten either - so altogether, well over a hundred impressions which isn't bad given that we also managed an outing with the children to take advantage of the clear skies!

As the prints took their places on the drying lines, and then the shelves, and then every flat surface available...I came to the decision that it's definitely time to save up for a couple of free-standing drying racks to augment my trusty suspended lines. Printmaking studio racks can be very very costly once you've exhausted more purse-friendly options so I'd better start scouting ebay tonight.

Half-term is over, the downhill run of summer term is here - it's all school trips and fairs, picnics in the park and general winding down until the clock only whispers through the long holidays. Am looking forward to it.


  1. I like to see prints pegged up on lines and drying, but I can see if you are making alot at a time space can be a real isssue. Good luck with eBay.mlove your dala horse prints by the way. I am very drawn to printing but the clay work takes over.i would love to do more printing but for now I just admire other people's prints

  2. Thanks! I love prints drying on the line too - I will keep my lines as well, I just need more drying space. I'd love one of those glass ball racks one day, but I think that's just because they're so beautiful. I understand about wanting to do other media - one day maybe we'll have the time? x

  3. Wow you have been busy, I love the rocking horse print! I would also love a drying rack as at the moment I use the bed in the spare room which isn't good if people come to stay at the last minute!
    Clare xx