Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Fair and back again!

It was the Folksy Fair this weekend and a great success all round. The children came too and loved all of the activities that were available both in Endcliffe Park generally (a really lovely park, open bits, woodsy bits, watery rivery bits, playgrounds and wild bits - perfect) and as part of the Folk Forest event - my son loved the Forest School and is a natural fire-maker, oops. I was too busy to take lots of photos but I did manage a couple of snapshots - here are some views of and from some of the stalls.

General view through the Folksy Forest
My stall on windy Sunday (so no bunting up)
 Butterscotch and Beesting's magical wonderland.

Gorgeous goodies at Nuada Accessories
Fun and Fine China at Mellor Ware


  1. Just checking the comments section - I know of one person having a problem (thanks for letting me know), please leave a message on Facebook/Folksy if you too have encountered an issue, then I can get blogger to sort it out (hopefully).

  2. Now this is bizarre - maybe blogger just needed me to have a coffee? What I tried to say earlier, was this looks a great venue, and the stalls look fab with the banners and awnings! Wish it was nearer to me on the south coast...!

    1. Loved the hamster comment on FB. Yup, sometimes I think blogger just has a headache and isn't in the mood!

      Thanks for popping back to try again. It was a great venue - perfect for outdoors events, something for everyone...and a cafe with the yummiest ice-creams. x