Sunday, 1 July 2012

Birmingham Printmakers Open Studios

I tweeted, I FB'd it, I even old-fashioned talked about it without a gadget involved at all..and now I will blog it to complete the circle. On Saturday we had a wonderful time at the Birmingham Printmakers Open Studios.

We set up the studio with beautiful mini-stalls for the artists to display their hand-printed artwork, notebooks, artists' books, cards, gift-wrap, textiles and more! All this alongside the framed artwork on the walls and unframed original work in all the print browsers. There were nibbles and drinks and a lot of cheery chatter while people came to mingle, to enquire about membership, to watch printmaking demos, to rummage and happily to buy both artwork and gifts. Here are a couple of snaps I took when we set up and a couple during, and in the background you can see some of the gorgeous equipment...I love presses, brayers, silkscreens and ink slabs!

Some of the member printmakers present and artwork represented:
Jacqui Dodds; Christine Bradshaw; Mike Allison; Jackie Rankin; Ann Irby Crews; Phil Wilkinson; Victoria Linehan ; Fiona Humphrey; Catherine Bowdler; Sarah Ray; Jo Ruth; Chris Doran...but these are just some of the members with work on display, there is always much more available through the print browsers or hanging framed ready for purchase on the walls throughout the studio.

Christine Bradshaw
Mike Allison demonstrating lino printing. 
If you are interested in doing a workshop or becoming a member, please take a look at:

I am delighted that we all had such a good turnout and thrilled that I sold a couple of framed intaglio collagraph original prints as well as work from my Inkyprints-Originals range. A good day all round.


  1. It looks really good! I so wanted to go but already had a party to go to on that day!
    Clare xx

  2. Cheers Clare, hehe - a party is a great reason for being somewhere else. There's always next time and am sure it'll be really good too because hopefully it'll be near Christmas. Fiona x

  3. Great photos and write up Fiona - pity I forgot my camera - looking forward to the Christmas one - lets see if we can do even better :-)

    Thank you for the blog award and to reciprocate I have given you a blog award see here:

    Jacqui x

    1. You are lovely Jacqui - and next time, please do bring your camera, you are a much better photographer and, ahem, you might remember to take pictures of our work(unlike me lol). I will pop over to your blog now, but thanks. x