Friday, 4 October 2013

Libra, Virgo and Leo too...with just a little chat about working to a theme.

When I chose the zodiac theme for the monthly Prints for Press series this year, it seemed an obvious choice. Not because I particularly believe in the zodiac...I don't. No, I suspect I'm the same as many others and perhaps more tolerant of the whole shebang than a good deal more. I remember learning all about them as a child - oof, and lets not dwell too long on the teenage years of working out with friends our best love matches, sweep that one under the memory rug!! - and have had a soft spot for the general characterisations ever since. The fact that a lot of the character portraits are scarily accurate (even allowing for the whole 'well it could apply to anyone' angle) is neither here nor there - I like them because they are, by and large, an affectionate whimsical blast of friendly air, and I've always got space for a little whimsy in my life.

What I didn't know when I started the series was just how much I would relish being forced to consider subjects that I wouldn't ordinarily choose to draw let alone commit to linocut. I have particularly liked trying to deal with the difficult astrological customers where perhaps the image didn't come too easily...Scorpio and Sagittarius are still lying in wait, so perhaps I shouldn't speak too soon.

Zodiac round up of the most recent signs in linocut, introducing Leo, Virgo and Libra. x

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  1. Hello (again), you must feel like I'm coming at you from all angles with the questions and such, sorry about that. Have just restarted my blog ( after a long period of dormancy and am currently following blogs of interest or getting up to date with posts I've missed. Your work is amazing though, just such an inspiration with the detail and quality. The colours you use are so vibrant and really work with your folk art style.
    Anyway, I'll leave you alone now ;) Have a super summer
    Will Baker Illustrator