Thursday, 14 February 2013

Blog Island with a Puzzler

No, I said Blog with an 'l' and that's an altogether different kind of puzzler too. Honestly, some people. ;p

There's something of that feeling about writing a blog - being a little island in the middle of the big blue cyber sea. I think part of that feeling comes from not knowing which way to look to get a fix on something and it's very easy to start slowly turning in circles round and around and around. My blog needs a bit of steer to become a boat on the websea again. With this in mind - you know, islands, boats (think rowing or dinghy sailing not ships and yachts), wind direction and are you waving or drowning - I have decided to revamp a little. Am still here for the odd dunk of a good crumbly biscuit with tongue-scaldingly hot cuppas, but I'd also like to set up a few printmaking tutorials. I thought I'd throw in a few 'ouch don't try this at home' moments too - after all, we all make them, so mistakes should be shared to ease the pain!

The Puzzler
Mistakes Made and Lessons to Learn will kick off this weekend with: Got all the Gear. I have chosen this title for a very bizarre reason. Say it out loud to yourself over and over and ask yourself if you're old enough to work out why this title appealed to me - are you brave enough to share it on here or my Facebook page - oh go on?!


  1. Ah, that funny little ventriloquist's puppet - Lord Something-or-other, was it?

    Printmaking tutorials are always welcome - especially if written by those whose work I admire so much - yay!

  2. Hehe thank you for having a go - and getting it right! I don't think I was much beyond a memory of the phrase itself, but yes I think you've got it, he was a snooty drunk lord or similar. I will be doing bite-size chunks to get my feet wet!