Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Drawing with an edge to it.

I have been busy recently getting a wedding commission together and happily I proofed the favours notebooks last night and today - so everything is carved, mostly printed and if not, then proofed. Feels good.

I have been able to turn my attention to developing the wedding range - it's been so much fun indulging in all this romance, so why wouldn't I?! This is a shot of Wedding Set #2, at the very early lino stages. I tend to draw the main features directly onto the lino, then free carve a lot of the detail. It's drawing but with an edge!

Right, need to don sturdy boots to face the clouds and puddles out there, time for school pick-up.


  1. Great blog, really interesting to see another printmaker! Good luck with it!

  2. Thanks Clare, I love meeting other printmakers. I have a lot to work out blogwise - like how to get an image to cross the page for the header lol, but am glad I have finally started it! Likewise Good Luck, I shall keep my eyes peeled for posts!

  3. Is it awful to admit that until I saw your picture above I didn't know what lino printing meant? I knew I liked the results though! Ah well, I've learnt something new today. Love your work - I may be making a purchase shortly...

  4. Hi Helen - I am really glad you posted and thank you for being so honest :D One of the main reasons for starting a blog was so that I could explain a bit more about different printmaking techniques as I go along - a little at a time. Cheers!